Eagleglen Fitness Park

Fitness Trails at Eagleglen, located on JBER-Elmendorf, consist of a 5K and a 1.5K route for the runner or the walker! This beautiful area is a great way for the JBER personnel and their families to use to help keep fit and enjoy the outdoors!

The park is now open for all DoD cardholders and dependents to enjoy. Currently, the fitness park has two trails marked for walking, running or biking. The 1.5-mile and 5-kilometer courses are clearly marked for easy reference. The Force Support Squadron is in the process of adding picnic tables, frisbee golf, and other items to make the park enjoyable. The park is also a great location to do individual or unit runs/PT.

Please make sure you adhere to the Eagleglen Fitness Park RULES that are posted in order to make the park enjoyable for all patrons. These include:

  • Recreate at your own risk and remember “SAFETY FIRST.”
  • Keep pets leashed at all times and clean-up after them.
  • Beware of and never feed wildlife.
  • Use trails for foot and bike traffic.
  • Depart the area at sunset (closed during hours of darkness).


  • Use any type of firearm on this complex (to include paintball or airsoft guns).
  • Operate motor vehicles anywhere on this complex.
  • Start any open fires.
  • Bring or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Enter any waterways or ponds.
  • Remain overnight.
  • Hunt or fish.
  • Litter.

If you have any questions, please call at 1-907-552-3821.