Eagleglen Fitness Park

Fitness Trails at Eagleglen, located on JBER-E, 4414 First St / at Post Rd Gate


The park is open for all DoD cardholders and dependents to enjoy. The fitness park has a marked 5K and a 1.5K route for walking, running or biking. We are in the process of adding picnic tables, frisbee golf, and other items.

Eagleglen Fitness Park rules include:

  • Recreate at your own risk and remember “SAFETY FIRST.”
  • Keep pets leashed at all times and clean-up after them.
  • Beware of and never feed wildlife.
  • Use trails for foot and bike traffic.
  • Depart the area at sunset (closed during hours of darkness).


  • Use any type of firearm on this complex (to include paintball or airsoft guns).
  • Operate motor vehicles anywhere on this complex.
  • Start any open fires.
  • Bring or consume alcoholic beverages.
  • Enter any waterways or ponds.
  • Remain overnight.
  • Hunt or fish.
  • Litter.