Fitness Access Installation Progress

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is Fitness Access?
A: Both fitness centers will be converting to fitness access which will allow authorized users to access the fitness center during periods where the fitness center is unmanned. The reason for the implementation is to enhance the airman’s ability to maintain mission readiness and physical resiliency. The fitness access program does not allow full use of the facility, however it offers everything an airmen needs to stay fit.
Q: When can I start using the fitness centers at night?
A: We are anticipating an early spring 2018 start date but will post more definitive information as the installation of the system progresses.
Q: Will any areas of the facility be closed off?
A: We are currently reviewing the facilities and determining what areas may be closed off during fitness access.
Q: How will I register?
A: Once the system is operational authorized users will come into either fitness center and review/sign a “Statement of Understanding,” watch an orientation video and be provided access through their CAC or prox card.
Q: If I register at one fitness center will my access work at both fitness centers?
A: Not initially, you need to physically register at both fitness facilities.
Q: What is being installed?
A: In essence, surveillance cameras and card readers at the front entrances.