Scholarships, Grants, & Loans

Thousands of organizations give away billions of dollars of free scholarship money annually and, in many cases, students do not have to demonstrate any financial need to apply. Some scholarships are open to all students and some target a certain population. Online searches are the fastest way to find scholarship opportunities, however, students should beware of any sites that ask for personal information, money, or require fee membership.

In addition, the JBER library has a publication called Financial Aid for Veterans, Military Personnel, and Families that is available for viewing.

Applying for Student Loans and Grants

The Department of Education (DOE) provides loans and grants to millions of students annually to help them fund their education. Students apply annually to the DOE using the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application. After reviewing the FAFSA application, the DOE provides a Student Aid Report (SAR) that identifies how much money the student is eligible to receive. Students then review the SAR with the school and decide how much they wish to accept in loans and/or grants. Grants are free money but loans do have to be re-paid. Therefore, if loans are accepted, students should only take what they need to avoid accumulating too much student loan debt.

For more information about scholarships, grants and loans, stop by or call the Education and Training Services Center at: 907-552-3164