Formal Training

The Education and Training Center’s Formal Training Manager (FTM) processes training allocation RIPs and formal training quotas for TDY-to-School (TTS) training events and in-residence PME programs, such as NCOA and SOS. Members scheduled to attend a formal training event will be required to sign a RIP and return it to the Formal Training Office through their Unit Training Manager (UTM). Training dates are set by the schoolhouse, not the Formal Training Manager. Members with questions or concerns about their formal training event should contact their UTM.

Base Training

The Education and Training Center’s Base Training Manager (BTM) is the OPR for installation training programs and ensures programs are in place to manage upgrade, qualification, in-garrison, and ancillary training. While the BTM provides base-wide oversight to the on-the-job (OJT) and upgrade training (UGT) programs, each unit employs a Unit Training Manager (UTM) to manage the OJT and UGT programs for its personnel and ensure that work centers, supervisors, trainers, and trainees are executing their training responsibilities IAW established directives. Members with questions or concerns about the training program within their unit should contact their UTM immediately.


For more information, stop by or call the Education and Training Services Center at: 907-552-3164